Enhance Your Herd Management

TempTrack® Benefits

Early Illness Detection

  • Reduce milk loss due to illness
  • Improve milk quality
  • Decrease mortality

Accurate Heat and Ovulation Detection

  • Inseminate the right cow at the right time
  • Optimize your repro program
  • Decrease days open
  • Reduce drug use & cost

Calving Alerts

  • Ideal pen move timing
  • Reduce dystocia
  • Optimize timing of supplement & feed changes


DVM's TempTrack® system combines the world's most reliable temperature monitoring equipment and sophisticated analytical software.

University trialed and tested.

Sophisticated patented algorithms.

TempTrack® software analytics differentiate us from the competition.

Simple, easy to use graphical software.

Actionable health, Breeding, and Calving Alerts.